Today there is tremendous demand for change in individuals, in organizations, and society. Which means that there is a tremendous demand for quality change leadership.   Change comes in many forms.  First is incremental or developmental change, which is just getting better at what we already do. Second is transitional change, which moves the organization from a current state, to a new different future state. Third is transformational change, where the fundamental assumptions of our business model are being questioned and are shifting.   Transformational change is the most challenging type of change because people are required to change their mindset.  Leaders today are being called upon to lead more and more transformational change and guide their people and organization into their new realities.  On this module you will learn how to lead organizational change, support your people through change, create practical change plans, implement and monitor change. Topics include:

Change Leadership

As leaders we are called upon to lead change and do the best we can.  Often, we figure it out as we go and are constantly putting out fires in the messy and complex world of change.  This module provides you with a clear framework with the concept and tools you need to effectively lead.  You will be able to create a clear change plan founded on a solid change methodology.

The people side of change

Organizations change people transition.  In these unprecedented times, people are managing a great deal of change in their home, work, and personal lives.  As a leader, you are called upon to lead people as they navigate change.  If people do not change, the organization doesn’t change. You will learn why people resist change and how you can support them to move forward.

Prepare Effective Change Plans

Excellent plans are particularly important given the rapid change and uncertainty that our organizations, individuals, and society is facing today. Skilled leaders set objectives to align with broader organizational goals and break down those objectives into appropriate initiatives and actions. This module will provide you with the knowledge and tools to create excellent change plans.

Coach for Performance

Developing a coaching approach is an effective way to manage change and encourage people to embrace it. When introducing change, it’s important to understand why people may resist it. By adopting a coaching approach, you can help individuals navigate the change process and overcome any resistance they may have. One effective technique is to share the reason for the change, explaining how it will benefit both the organization and the individual. This approach helps people see the value in the change and encourages them to engage in the change process. Through coaching, individuals can be empowered to take ownership of the change, helping to create a sense of accountability and commitment to the new way of doing things.