Leaders work in increasingly complex environments. Delivering results is an overall achievement mindset, a bias for action, an eagerness to take the initiative. People who drive for results infuse their teams and organization with a sense of urgency. They help create a culture where organizational performance is always top of mind. Driving for results means communicating a vision of setting priorities, developing, and executing plans that achieve the desired outcome – for the organization and the world. Skilled leaders have a strong bottom-line orientation and persist in accomplishing objectives despite obstacles and setbacks.  They have a track record of exceeding goals successfully and pushes themselves to help others achieve results. The advanced leadership topics include:

Build a High Performance Culture

“Culture, like brand, is misunderstood and often discounted as a touchy-feely component of business that belongs to HR. It is not intangible or fluffy, it is not a vibe or the office décor. It is one of the most important drivers that has to be set or adjusted to push long-term, sustainable success” (Fast Company). In this module we will explore how leaders create a high-performance culture.

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry seeks out the exceptional best of “what is” to help ignite the collective imagination of “what might be.”  The aim is to generate new knowledge which expands “the realm of the possible” and helps members of an organization envision a collectively “desired future” and to carry forth that vision in ways which successfully translate images into possibility, intentions into reality and belief into practice.

Strategic Planning

Excellent plans are particularly important given the rapid change and uncertainty that our organizations, individuals, and society is facing today. Skilled leaders set objectives to align with broader organizational goals and breaks down those objectives into appropriate initiatives and actions. This module will provide you with the knowledge and tools to create excellent change plans.

Project Management

Organizations are a set of interconnected relationships which means that a change in one part of the system impacts other parts of the system.   To prevent unintended consequences, leaders must become system thinkers.  This module will provide you with practical tools and frameworks to help you become a system thinker and lead change with the whole system in mind.