Our Story

The purpose of KarmaLead is to make quality leadership development accessible to all.

In our new reality, it will be challenging to learn and grow in the traditional face-to-face format.  In addition, many organizations are facing challenges that require great leadership.  At the same time, they are facing new fiscal realities and a budget crunch.  These challenges are creating a void for developing leaders.

When facing budget challenges, typically, leadership development moves to the back burner, in a time when it is needed most.  KarmaLead is ready to step into that void to make a real difference to each individual and the organizations they serve.  We have designed a high-quality, competency-based leadership program that is affordable, timely, and meaningful.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be a global resource that ignites the passion for great leadership in each individual. KarmaLead is designed to build leadership capacity by supporting individuals in their learning, development, and growth.  We provide self-directed online competency-based leadership development courses. We are endeavoring to create a powerful leadership network.  We foster the growth of a leadership community, promote connections, and relationships.  KarmaLead will provide the leadership resources you need to be successful as a leader and in your career.

Our Vision

To inspire you to be the best as a person, a leader, and an entrepreneur that you can possibly be. By building your strength, resilience, and leadership, together we strengthen our communities and businesses, government, non-profit and social enterprises. By supporting and building leadership strengths and resilience, together we learn how to rebuild and rebound, into an amazing new reality.


Ships are safest in harbour, but that is not what they are built to do.  (Annonymous)

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KarmaLead Core Values

KarmaLead is focused on being best for the world.  It is our belief that by growing and developing leaders, will make a positive difference to our communities, business and organizations.   Here are our top three (3) core values.

1. Learning

Leaders are learners. Leaders who learn, grow, and change continuously across their careers are the most successful. We at KarmaLead are committed to our learning and growth.

2. Innovation

We are committed to exploring innovative and creative way to support your learning in a fun and engaged way.

3. Fun

We believe that when you are having fun you learn better. So we will always look for a fun and engaging way to promote your learning.

Our Experience

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Web development - 10 years
Design - 8 years
Photography - 6 years
Video Production - 5 years
Marketing - 2 years

Our Company In Numbers

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