Stage 3: Norm

Because of conflict, people evolve in better ways to deal with each other and to achieve group goals.  They develop mutually acceptable patterns of work, roles, and rules.  Members accept the individuality of members and the job gets done positively and effectively.  


  • Decreasing dissatisfaction
  • Resolving discrepancies between expectations and reality
  • Settling polarities and animosities
  • Developing a sense of personal accomplishment
  • Inspiring harmony, trust, support, and respect
  • Encouraging a sense of belonging to the team
  • Supporting freedom to express ideas and constructive criticism

Team Concerns

  • Will we be able to meet our mission?
  • Are we proceeding satisfactorily?
  • How can we improve our team effectiveness?

Development ideas

  • Introduce norms & groupthink
  • Encourage openness & self-disclosure
  • Review consensus decision making
  • Use group facilitation
  • Stress Collaboration
  • Use group problem solving and decision-making tools
  • Use group creativity techniques