Stage 2: Storm

When people apply their different ways of doing things, productivity and commitments are affected by their lack of experience in dealing with each otheru2019su2019 different styles. Needs for recognition and influence create conflict.u00a0 Members disagree on the teamu2019s approach and resist collaboration.


  • Resistant to attempting different approaches
  • Increased tension and disunity
  • Defensive and competitive tendencies
  • Rising feelings of incompetency and confusion
  • Experiencing discrepancy between hopes and reality
  • Dissatisfaction with dependency on authority

Team Concernsu00a0

  • How will we resolve conflict around purpose and methods?
  • How will we deal with group problems?
  • How will we make decisions?
  • How will leadership be decided?

Development Ideas

  • Develop project plans
  • Identify characteristics of effective team members
  • Deal with differences
  • Use both task & relationship skills
  • Encourage effective listening
  • Leverage the team through leadership & empowerment
  • Manage conflict
  • Give & receive feedback