Step 3: Finalizing your vision

Answer the questions again using the present tense. If the categories do not quite fit your needs, feel free to adjust them.  It is your vision. Continue until you have a complete picture of your vision. 

Self-image: If you could be exactly the kind of person you wish to be, what would you be like? What would your qualities be?

Tangibles: What material things would you like to own?

Home: Where is your ideal living environment?

Health: What is your desire for health, fitness, athletics, or anything to do with you physical self?

Relationships: What types of relationships would you like to have with friends, family, and others?

Work: What is your ideal professional or vocational situation? What impact would you like your efforts to make?

Personal pursuits: What would you like to create in the area of individual living, travel, reading, or other activities?

Community: What is your vision for the community or society where you live?

Other: What else would you like to create in other areas of your life?

Life purpose: Imagine that your life has a unique purpose – fulfilled through what you do, in your interrelationships and in the way you live. Describe your life purpose as another reflection of your aspirations.