Step 2: Reflecting on the first vision component

Let us take a moment and reflect on the vision you created in step one. Are you articulating a vision that is close to what you actually wish? There may be a variety of reasons why you found it difficult to do so. Here are a few typical reasons why people donu2019t articulate what they really want:

  • u201cI canu2019t have what I want.u201d Pretending you could have anything you want may not be an easy task. Many people find that it contradicts a habit held since childhood: u201cdonu2019t think too much about what you want, because you might not get it.u201d
  • u201cI want what someone else wants.u201d Some people choose their vision based on what they think other people want: a parent or teacher, supervisor or a spouse. For the duration of this exercise concentrate on what you really want.
  • u201cIt doesnu2019t matter what I want.u201d Some people assume that what they want is not important. They scribble out whatever comes to mind the quickest, just to get it jotted down u201cany old vision that sounds goodu201d. Later, as you develop your leadership skills you will want to have a coherent personal vision as a foundation for further learning.u00a0
  • u201cI already know what I want.u201du00a0During this exercise, you may create a new sense of what you want, especially if you have not asked yourself this question for some time. A personal vision is not a done deal already, existing and waiting for you to unearth the decoded. It is something you create and continue to re-create throughout your life.
  • u201cIu2019m afraid of what I want.u201d Sometimes people say, u201cwell, what if I didnu2019t want to stay at my job anymore?u201d Others are afraid that if they let themselves start wanting things, theyu2019ll get out of control, or be forced to change their lives. Since this is your vision, it canu2019t run away with you; it can only increase your awareness.
  • u201cI donu2019t know what I want.u201du00a0 This is exactly the purpose of this exercise.u00a0 You may want to reflect on what brings you joy.