Activity 2.3 Conduct feedforward

  1. Identify about five (5) people that know you fairly well. Let them know you are enrolled in a leadership program and would like to get their perspective on how you might become a better leader.
    • Try to pick people that have different perspectives on your leadership and you as a person. u00a0You could ask your manager, two peers, and two people that report to you.u00a0 Not to worry if you donu2019t have all these, you can use friends, family members, or people that you have worked with in the past, with whom you volunteered, or played sports.
  2. Tell them that you want to be a better leader and ask for feedforwardu2014for two or three suggestions for the future that might help you achieve a positive change in your leadership.
  3. Coach the person you have selected that they must give feedforward and not to give you ANY feedback about the past. They are only to give you ideas for the future.
  4. Listen attentively to the suggestions and take notes. Ask questions for clarification only. u00a0Be sure not to critique the suggestions not even by making positive judgemental statements such as, u201cthatu2019s a good idea.u201d You will simply listen and thank the person for their suggestions.u00a0
  5. You can do this by email, phone, or in person.