Activity 1.5: Complete your values grid

What makes a world-class organization? It all begins with core values that provide a strong foundation for success. It is simple in theory; the values of your organization are reflected in every aspect of operations. To your employees these are more than words on a wall u2013 we all take these values to heart in our relationships with our clients and with each other.u00a0

Work on page six (6) of your PVA. Complete the activity below:

  • From the 10 values, you selected, pick your top three.u00a0
  • Describe why you believe each of these three values is important.
  • Recall a moment when you really lived this value.u00a0 What behaviours did you exhibit to support this value?u00a0
  • How might you react if this value was not being honored by others? Describe your feelings, thoughts, and actions you would take.u00a0